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Ungraduated Living & Learning

Aug 1, 2021

Having hit rock bottom after the death of her husband, Tessa Stowe had to dig deep to find meaning and purpose in her life. 

She has learned the significance in attuning oneself to thoughts of love, care, healing, compassion, empathy, happiness, purpose, and meaning.

Now her life is "in frequency" with all that she's ever wanted. 

Hear her story of transformation and how Tessa is helping others learn to live in high vibration along with her.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Who we really are (who am I at our core)

- Happiness as a "Super Power"

- How living in higher vibration helps with health, intuition, cognitive abilities 

- Increasing the world human consciousness 1 person at at time 

- "ULA" (Understand / Let Go / Action)

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