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Ungraduated Living

Oct 3, 2021

Special guest Sonia Frontera is a best selling author, lawyer, and empowerment trainer that has come on to discuss navigating the very challenging waters of separations and divorce. While all divorces are emotionally and spiritually draining, they become even more difficult for some when their partners or church threaten the faith component of the original marriage vows.

Many feel lost and hopeless in these situations - especially so when there is verbal, mental, physical, and other types of abuse.

In this episode we discuss all of the above as well as:

- Active awareness and pushing through the "social indoctrination" of marriage and getting past the challenges of how divorce is viewed in society and the church

- The power of using our intuition to guide us through these difficult relationship challenges

- How to not beat yourself up or put yourself down when dealing with divorce

- Defining what is acceptable on your terms in your relationship not the definition of how your relationship should be decided through "societal norms."

- Moving on and still maintaining a happy, healthy, and empowered life post divorce. 

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