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Ungraduated Living

Oct 24, 2021

Do you find yourself wanting to understand the difference in life between success and failure? What if you knew that your life is giving you clues; you just might not be watching or paying attention to see them?

Special guest and life-transformation trainer, Robert Riopel, joins me to discuss how we can learn what our life is trying to tell us about our success and failure. 

It all began when after some success, Robert and his wife found themselves deep in debt and struggling. Thanks to guidance from total strangers, they started their journey in personal development and quickly turned things around. This led to Robert finding his true passion of learning and teaching others. It is because of his past and newfound passion for teaching that Riopel started studying and mentoring from the top success trainers and thinkers in the world to find out what they have in common and this is where he discovered that “Success Left A Clue”.

With this information, he has gone on to become a highly sought after, life-transforming trainer that now travels the world teaching and inspiring hundreds and thousands of people each year about success through his CLUE’s.

It is now time for Robert Raymond Riopel to share this knowledge, that he has learned over 15+ years training, with the world through his book “Success Left A Clue”.

In this episode we go deep on life and discuss:
- Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect
- The Power of Writing Things Down
- What is F.E.A.R.
- The Power of Intention
- The Subconscious Mind
- How Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny
- The Practicality of The Universe
- Heart & Mind Connection 
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