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Ungraduated Living

Aug 8, 2021

Many of us face difficult challenges in life that we have to persevere through and overcome. How we view our challenges in life sometimes dictates how and whether or not we take positive action.

Gail Hamilton has the personal life challenge of being completely blind, yet she takes positive action each day to life her best life while inspiring others to do the same.

Join us in this episode as we discuss her perspective on:

- seeing life from the inside out versus outside in

- understanding what love and pain is in order to appreciate both

- how reprogramming her victim mindset changed her life 

- persevering past physical and mental abuse

- battling suicide and depression

Gail is a beacon of light and hope for all to see. She is an inspirational speaker, author, performer, and facilitator that sees herself as an unstoppable soaring spirit that is on earth living this life to encourage others to overcome their shortcomings and live a life of greatness.

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