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Ungraduated Living

Oct 17, 2021

Anxiety - the word alone often perpetuates the emotion. What if you learned that most anxiety is self-perpetuated? That we generally are the creators of our own anxiety? 

I'm here to tell you that is absolutely the case and we can learn to free ourselves from the many disadvantages of anxiety. Anxiety not only cripples us in our lives from taking action, but is the cause of sickness and other types of disease that come from our minds keeping our bodies in a constant state of disharmony. 

Join me and special guest Erin MacCullough in a life empowering interview on how to rid ourselves of anxiety. 

Erin is an outstanding business & personal coach. She brings her experience as a successful business owner as well as the personal wins she's achieved at home. She has spent 8+ years studying self-improvement, happiness, purpose, fulfillment, abundance, balance, stress management, and how to have meaningful relationships in life. 

In this episode we discuss:

- anxiety and how it is not absolute in all our lives

- how to "let go" and surrender to life rather than controlling it

- the fact that we are not our thoughts

- recognizing the ego for what it is and how it generates anxiety 

- learning how to "let go" of our needs of personal validation

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