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Ungraduated Living

Dec 26, 2021

We all know and hear how mental wellness is more important than ever, especially in light of the current world environment and uncertainty. 

In this episode I discuss how to frame up the mindset to most beneficially deal with stress, anxiety, and depression with one of the best in the business - Therapist Mandy...

Dec 19, 2021

Most people hear the term spirituality and assume it must mean religion. It certainly can pertain to religion, but in my view, spirituality is however you connect to a higher power, your higher self, or other higher level of consciousness.

In this episode I bring on John Lee to discuss his perspectives on spirituality....

Dec 12, 2021

Many of us can relate to feeling lost at times in life. We can often feel lost around our purpose, the many different challenges that life presents in front of us, and even in our personal relationships. These are just a few of the reasons we need to begin to seek answers within ourselves and begin to "feel" our...

Dec 5, 2021

Can we actually communicate with our spirit guides, higher selves, Holy Spirit? What does this communication and guidance look like and feel like? 

Join me and special guest Zak Lioutas for this exact conversation. Zak is the host of the "Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable" Podcast and she is every bit of those three words....

Nov 28, 2021

What is the "American Dream?" When does it turn into a nightmare? 

My special guest, Ben Killoy, was living an American Nightmare after getting out of the military in 2007. He describes only seeing 3 lanes of highway placed in front of him that society was dictating he drives. 

Through his own personal inward journey,...